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Fick Company en tres palabras


fashion and illusion

Jaime Labanda, Enrique Millán and Noel Pérez are the three names behind Fick Company. Lovers of sneakers, the adventure began in a famous fashion store in Madrid in 2017, where the idea came up, and it has been an incredible journey since then.

What began as a sketch of a pair of shoes with the sole printed in 3D, came true in September 2018 after three years of continuous evolution and learning.

Hours of design, kilos of material, hundreds of meetings and endless tests to get the final product. From the assembly of the 3D printers to the last cord of each pair of sneakers has been created by us.

Our philosophy combines the latest design with the latest 3D printing technology and respect for the environment.

The name Fick has its origin in the German scientist Adolf Fick, who derived the laws of diffusion. A simile with the development of innovative 3D printing technology that changes the status quo of the footwear industry.

For more than 100 years we known the footwear industry with the same manufacturing process: plastic injection. In Fick we bet to completely change the future and adapt it to the present. Our sneakers are made only with electricity, with 100% recyclable and sustainable materials and with an exclusive design that adapts to the footstep and provides the maximum comfort.


To search for innovation


To create the best


To achieve the wellness


To be the future